Mahdi Auto Clicker Review

Mahdi Auto Clicker
Mahdi Auto Clicker

If you are looking for an auto clicker, you have many choices. You should consider the number of clicks per second, the number of hotkeys, and the cost. You should be able to find a clicker that is the best fit for you based on these criteria.


Mahdi Auto Clicker is a mac application that comes with many useful features. It looks like an official program available from the apple app store. The only difference is that it isn’t! This mac application is created by Mahdi and can be downloaded from his website. The app has a few basic features as well as some more advanced ones.

The program is easy to use and customize. You can choose which mouse button you want the auto clicker to use and the number of clicks you want to receive in one second. For example, you could set the program to click 20 times per second using the left mouse button. This would save you from having to repeatedly click an object when you don’t want to.

Number of clicks

Mahdi auto clicker is a light-weight software that enables you to customize your mouse. You can choose between a left or a right-click and set the number of clicks. It works on macOS and later versions. To make sure that you get the most updated version, it’s best to download it directly from the developer’s website. Avoid downloading it from a third-party website as it may contain malware.

Number of mouse clicks per second

If you use a mouse and keyboard every day, you might be interested in getting an auto clicker. These devices can help you automate repetitive tasks that are tedious and time-consuming. However, they are not ideal for gamers because they require the mouse to move. Those who use auto clickers should consider the limitations and benefits of these products before making the purchase.

First, you must make sure to install a reliable auto clicker. You can download one from the internet. Make sure you install one with a minimum of 163 cps. You also need to select a hotkey to start and stop the auto clicker. You can also use random time delay to avoid detection by the system. This random time delay will change after every click but will remain within the specified time interval. This will give a human-like expression to the automatic clicker.

Click speed is an interesting game. Some people try to beat their opponents by clicking the mouse as fast as they can. The world record for the number of mouse clicks in 10 seconds is held by Dylan Allred. He clicked the mouse 1,051 times in just ten seconds. Tom Andre Seppola was the previous world record holder with the most clicks in 30 seconds.


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