Nikola Valentini Inspired Collection

Nikola Valentini
Nikola Valentini

The Nikola Valenti Inspired Collection features white gold and sterling silver plated necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. The collection features free jewelry offers and complimentary items. The pieces in this collection are both elegant and practical, perfect for everyday wear. It’s also a great choice for a gift.

Free jewelry offer

Subscribers of the Nikola Valentini inspired collection can receive a free piece of jewellery once they sign up. They have 25 days to evaluate the piece and decide whether to keep it or send it back. The free jewellery is worth $99 each. This offers is ideal for new subscribers who would like to try the new collection without spending any money.

The Nikola Valenti Inspired Collection includes a necklace, bracelet, and earrings, all made of white gold. The necklace comes with a sterling silver clasp. The earrings come with white gold plated stones. The necklace comes with matching earrings. The free gift is a great way to try the Nikola Valenti jewelry collection.

Nikola Valenti is a jewelry subscription service that offers elegant jewelry items for a reasonable price. The company is currently offering a free jewelry offer to attract new customers and advertise their brand. The free jewelry will be sent to the customer once they sign up for the service. They will then have the option to keep the free jewelry or return it for a full refund during the trial period.

Nikola Valenti has an excellent reputation. They have over 40,000 5-star averaged customer reviews. The website also has a customer service team that will contact you if you have questions or need help with your order.

Complimentary items included in collection

If you are planning on purchasing any of the Nikola Valenti Inspired Collection items, you are able to enjoy a number of complimentary items with your purchase. These complimentary items include a white gold plated necklace, a sterling silver plated bracelet, and a pair of earrings. As an added bonus, these complimentary items are available in a free trial period of 25 days. Nikola Valenti’s jewelry has been praised by many consumers, and its free trial period will allow you to try out two of the pieces.

Nikola Valenti offers complimentary items with purchases as a way to get more people involved in the brand. The company’s research has shown that women love jewelry, and 58% of women would love to receive jewelry as a gift. In fact, the survey results indicate that necklaces, bracelets, and earrings were the top items women would prefer to receive as gifts.

For new customers, Nikola Valenti offers free jewelry, if they sign up for their monthly subscription service. All you have to do is sign up for the service and choose two items from the Nikola Valenti Inspired Collection. You can either keep the free items or return them within the 25-day trial period.